5 Days until Bike to Work Day

or Day 3 of getting ready to ride again…

No one wants to crash or fall off their bike, but there are other pieces of cycling equipment that will help you more often that your helmet will. What are these?

Gloves and eyewear.

Gloves don’t just keep our hands warm – though they can do that too.

When I was a crazy teenager I would fly down the roads into Edmonton’s river valley and most times it was just super fun, but I did have a few very scary falls too. One time I remember falling and sliding for 30-40 meters on just my gloved hands and fancy italian leather cycling shoes. I was a bit shaken up but the only thing that hurt was my finger tip (I had some very cool fingerless glvoes with the crocheted back). 

In my experience as a coach, I’ve seen most falls taken on the hands. Good gloves help us to bounce back up and keep riding.

Sunglasses are an awesome fashion accessory that can help you keep your eyes on where you want to go. Rain, bugs, wind, gravel, dust, tree branches and more can quickly slow down your ride. In my opinion, even a cheap pair of dollar store sunglasses can do the trick. Now if, like me, you need prescriptions, I do not suggest that you take off your glasses and put on sunglasses. Be wise and keep your eyes protected.

Enjoying these tips so far? Join me tomorrow to talk about your new best friend, LBS.

And, sign up to ride with me on Monday June 17 from Transcona, through Elmwood to Winnipeg City Hall here.

See you on the trails,
Coach Robb

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