Helmets are not just for kids
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7 Day Countdown to Bike to Work Day

(or how to get ready to ride your bike again as an adult – Day 1)

Did you know that your helmet has an expiry date? According to the manufacturers of bike helmets, the sun can break down the materials in your helmet to make it less effective at preventing injury in a crash. Also, helmets are only designed for one (1) fall or crash. They are designed to crack or crush so that your head can avoid serious injury. Plus, helmet makers do want you to buy a new one in a nice new colour! 

Pull out your helmet and determine if you just might need a new one. The best thing is to check that there are no cracks (or squeaks) and that the buckle still works. 

From the Manitoba Government – Thanks!

Next, check for proper fit. The 2V1 rule is fairly universal and you can find lots of examples on the web. 2 fingers over your eyes (we want the helmet to protect your forehead and face), the straps should make a nice V around your ears, and 1 finger width of space under your chin (chewing might even move your helmet. If you have a newer helmet you will also have an adjustment at the back of the helmet – make certain it’s snug so that helmet will not move while you’re riding.

If you do find yourself in need of a new helmet get help to find one that fits you well. Every brand has a slightly different feel and fit so try a few and don’t just go with the cheapest option.

Okay, tomorrow I’ll share about the┬ávery small thing that separates you from the hard reality of riding on our streets.

And, sign up to ride with me on Monday June 17 from Transcona, through Elmwood to Winnipeg City Hall here.

See you on the trails,
Coach Robb

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