Letter to Sprockids – ready for 2019

Good morning Sprockids,
We are less than 2 weeks away from registration opening for Sprockids. It’s nice to know on a day when the temperature hits -31C that in 3 months we will be pedaling and enjoying the sights and sounds of Spring.

Going into our 3rd year of Sprockids I’m excited to see our program grow. First thing you’ll notice is an option to do Sprockids on either Saturday or Sunday mornings. Saturday rides will be mostly in the NE of Winnipeg (Birds Hill Park, Kilcona, McIvor, Whittier). Sunday’s rides will be mostly in South Winnipeg (Bison Butte, Royal Woods, Assiniboine Forest, Whittier).

Behind the scenes we are working on resources that will help your family love and enjoy cycling even more. We are going to improve the weekly emails and partner more closely with  Bikes and Beyond. There is even talk of a summer bicycle tour for our older riders and parents too. Let me know If you’d like to be on that planning team.

Registration will open on January 31. Share with your friends and let’s start looking forward to a great riding season.

Finally, parents, if you want to try the new Fat Bike phenomen, I’ve partnered with River East Transcona Continuing Education to do beginner rides at the end of this month. The link is: http://www.retsd-conted.com/view_courses.cfm

See you on the trails,

Coach Robb

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