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What do I need for riding MTB? Sprockids packing list

As I write this we are days away from our first ride and I’m getting excited (and a little nervous).  I just know we’re going to have fun and make good friends while we ride.

Before our first ride, please send a scan of your medical information and waiver.  We’d like to do very little paper work on our first ride so I’ve included it HERE.

To Bring To Each Ride:

  • Bike: tires inflated, bolts tight, QR tight, number plate secured, saddle at right height, bike is clean.
  • Bike Gloves: full or half finger (to protect on falls)
  • Bicycle Helmet: good fit (covers forehead, doesn’t wobble, chin strap snug)
  • Eyewear: to protect eyes from tree branches and gravel
  • Water for drinking – water pack or plastic bike water bottle
  • Spare tube

Our schedule of rides and locations is ready HERE.

Bike check form is HERE.  Take it to the shop or a friend who knows bikes before our first ride please.

(my support team with Coach Roger of the National Cycling Team)

Happy to help.

Email, text or phone me with your questions.  It’s going to be fun!!

Coach Robb
431.998.1689 (mobile)

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