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Recreational Mountain Bike Courses for children (and the young at heart)
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Recreational Mountain Bike Courses for children (and the young at heart)
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Registration for SPRING 2019 is now CLOSED. Watch for our Summer and Autumn classes.
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Spring Club (OPENS JANUARY 30)

There are 5 Sprockids classes this spring, Saturday’s (NE Winnipeg destinations) at 9:00am, 10:30am & 12:00pm; Sunday’s (South Winnipeg destinations) at 9:00am & 10:30am.
8 weeks, starting the weekend of April 26, and we’ll end with a special family event for all our riders and their families.

Spring Homeschool Program 

6 weeks on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons 1:00-2:00. Special discount for our homeschooling friends.

The Program

Mountain biking is all about having adventure, fun, adrenaline, and discovery. The Sprockids Program teaches young people 55 skills, which enable them to safely and successfully enjoy mountain biking. The program serves as the catalyst in engaging young people, their parents, and others in creating a cycling community where all generations share a common interest and activity, that being cycling and the lifestyle that accompanies it.

The Coach

Robb Massey, BPE has been coaching children to ride Mountain Bike for 11 years. He is a Sprockids Certified Coach and is a Certified NCCP – Let’s Ride! Community Cycling Initiation Coach.  He also writes about cycle touring and riding with kids: Robb and his team of volunteers have a few simple values when it comes to kids riding bikes:

Our Values

  • We ride because it’s fun
  • Everyone gets to play (and no one sits on the bench)
  • Your potential is nearly unlimited
  • Cycling is for life
  • Success is a great motivator
  • Everyone can learn to tell a bad joke.



We want parents to join the ride!  Ride Along Membership is available.

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Program Details

Ride Along Subscription (for Parents/Grandparents)
  • Want to ride along with your child (or grandchild)? This is the highlight for most of our riders as our Ride Along Subscription covers you with insurance and lets you join in on the fun of riding.
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$180(until March 1)
Early Bird Registration (includes Jersey)
  • Register before March 1, 2019 and you will receive a Sprockids cycling jersey.
  • 8 weeks starting April 26 or 27
  • Family Celebration at season's end
  • Your family bike rides will get more fun. Guaranteed!
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